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  • Copyright
    • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
      • Protects people's original work from being used without permission
      • All original work is copyright
        • Everything that is freely available to download from the internet
        • The person who creates a work own the copyright and is the only person who has the right to reproduce, adapt or sell it
        • Original work
          • Art
          • Literature
          • Software
          • Films
      • Copyright owners can use Creative Commons Licences to allow certain uses of their work
        • They could choose to make an image free if used for educational purposes
    • Why bother with Copyright
      • People spend a lot of time and money writing and recording these materials
        • They deserve to be paid for them
      • If professional artists can't make any money from their work then they will not be able to afford to create any more
    • The consequences of illegal file sharing
      • You can be prosecuted
      • Your Internet Service Provider may prevent you from using the Internet
      • If found guilty you could be sent to prison
      • It has a huge impact on the music and film industry
    • Infringement (Breaking the Copyright Law)
      • Sharing videos and music over the Internet
      • Copying and distributing Copyright files
      • Pretending that someone else's work is your own
        • Copying information and putting it in an essay or project


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