coping with climate change

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  • Coping with Climate Change
    • International
      • Kytoto  Prtocol
        • legal binding agreement to cut greenhouse gas emission by 2012
          • China and Indian exempt to sign
            • felt it would slow the rate of their growth
          • Australia and USA didn't sign
            • felt it would effect their economies
          • developed countries to cut emission by 5%
          • developing countries to monitor and report impacts
      • Copenhagen Accord
        • agreed to limit global warming no more than 2 degrees above pre industrial levels
        • rich countries agreed to give $100 billion a year to poorer countries by 2020 to help with strategies
        • only 20% of targets are sufficient to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees
      • G8
        • have  conferences to discuss global issues such as climate change
      • EU ETS
        • set up in 2005 as  a way of meeting the targets of the Kyoto Protocol for Europe
        • world's only compulsory example of "cap" and "trade" system
          • sets a cap on pollutants companies
            • but companies within limit can sell credits to other companies that need to pollute more
        • covers 50% of all EU carbon emissions
    • Local
      • Eastleigh Borough Council
        • pledged to become carbon neutral by 2012
        • give advice on how to live more environmentally friendly and to have to reduce carbon emissiions working with local communities
        • 2009 -thre major bus companies (blue star, Velvet, and First)
        • CarbonFREE scheme
          • schme uses money to install energy saving measures in buildings throught the Borough
        • continual investment in renewable energy
          • Wind Turbine at Itchen Valley
          • 176 kw of solar PV Panels on 10 sites arounf the Borough
    • Individual
      • switch lights of when not in use
      • use public transport
      • turn off plugs when not in use
      • car sharing to school and places
      • turn thermostat down
        • reduce room by 1 degree
    • Businesses
      • Tesco
        • restrict air travel to less than 1% (aeroplane symbol on those products)
        • reduce carboon footprint of existing stores and distribution of centres around the world by 50%by 2020
        • green club card points
          • for using your own bag
      • BP
        • work with car companies to product efficient fuels
        • Olympics
          • to highlight lower carbon mobility options
    • National
      • UK
        • 10% of electricity supply to come from renewable resources by 2010
          • rising to 20% by 2020 - Wind Farms
        • London Cogestion Charge


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