Cooking - Functions of Food

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  • Cooking - Functions of Food
    • Flour
      • Provides Fibre
      • If Self Raising, makes mixture rise
      • Thickens sauces
      • Forms the bulk of the bread, pastry and cake mixes
      • If wholemeal, provides colour and texture
      • Gluten in flour provides a stretchy dough
      • Provides carbohydrates, Vitamin B, Calcium and Iron
    • Sugar
      • Provides sweetness
      • If brown, provides colour and texture
      • Large amounts prevent micro-organism growth.
      • Caramelises to produce a brown colour
      • Retains moisture
      • Helps to trap air in  cake mixtures
      • Provides carbohydrates
    • Eggs
    • Fats and Oils


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