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  • Convection
    • Only happens in liquids or gases - where particles are free to move.
    • Sea Breezes
      • During the day - the land heats up quicker than the sea, Sun heats land hot air rises and cools and drops so the sea therefore cools and air travels back to land.
      • During the evening - the sea will be slightly warmer because the breeze goes out to sea.
    • Radiator
      • 1. Gives out heat to surrounding air as air molecules collide with surface of radiator.
        • 2. As Air becomes hotter it expands and increases in density
          • 3. The less dense air rises towards ceiling and displaces cooler air.
            • 4. The hot air replaces cold air which gradually falls to take place of the hot air near the radiator.
              • 5. As the cooler air molecules collide with the surface of radiator they gain heat and cycle starts again
    • Density describes how many particles are packed together in one place.


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