Control of the cardiac cycle

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  • Control of the cardiac cycle.
    • Nodes
      • AVN
        • only route through the non-conducting tissue.
          • Wave is delayed. So atria can finish contracting.
      • SAN
        • generates electrical activity
          • 55-80 times a minute
        • Pacemaker
    • heart muscle
      • cardiac muscle
      • myogenic
        • can initiate its own contraction
    • EGC (electrocardiogram)
      • How it works?
        • sensors attached. Electrical activity spreads next to the heart and to the skin. This is knew converted to a trace.
      • Waves
        • P
          • excitation of atria
        • Q,R S
          • Excitation of ventricles
        • T
          • diastole
      • Problems detected.
        • heart attack
          • myocardial infarction
          • How it happens?
            • heart respires fattty acids. These can only respire aerobically. If coronary artery is blocked then part of heart is starved and the cells die.
        • fabrillation
        • irregular heart
          • arrhythmia


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