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  • Control
    • Control Systems
      • ICT can be used to control and monitor many devices. These can be electronic toys and computer games.
    • Central Heating Systems
      • These are controlled by microprocessors that have a number of sensors attached to it. This process follows a continuing cycle: regular reading of the temperature then a microprocessor analysis of the reading and if the temperature is too hot or too cold the heater will be switched off and on.
    • Burglar Alarms
      • Complex and use many sensors. Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors can detect movement. Proximity sensors can be used on windows and doors to detect when they are opened. Pressure pads can be placed under mats to sense when they've been stood on.
    • Smart meters
      • Readings of resource usage i.e water, gas and electricity. Readings are taken at regular intervals and are sent back to head office. A monitor is used to record when consumption takes place at the greatest and therefore allows customers to become more efficient.
    • Security Systems
      • These systems can activate a siren/bell, set off an automatic sprinkler system or automatically send a message to the an emergency station.
    • Controlling Devices
      • Advantages:
        • Robots don't require payment.
        • No holidays, sicks, strikes.
        • Operate in most conditions humans cannot work in. i.e poisonous gas or extreme heat.
        • Can work continuously.
        • They are more accurate.
      • Dis-advantages:
        • Cannot think for themselves.
        • Expensive for initial set up.
        • Possibility of breaking down.
        • Human skills could be lost.


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