Context of Macbeth- What will help me get Level 9 for Macbeth

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  • Context of Macbeth
    • Divine Rights of Kings
      • The belief that kings were answerable only to God is reflected by Macbeth's unlawful claim to the crown being tragically doomed.
    • The playwright
      • Shakespeare wrote at least thirty-seven plays and a large collection of poems. In Macbeth he seems to draw on history and his personal experience of parental grief.
    • Holinshed's Chronicles
      • Holinshed's Chronicles were a written history of Britain in which the real eleventh-century King Macbeth features. These seem to have been an essential source for Shakespeare in the writing of "Macbeth"
    • The supernatural
      • At the time when the play was written, the existence and power of supernatural forces and magical entities, such as witches, was commonly accepted.


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