Context for 'A Dolls House'

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  • Context for 'A Dolls House'
    • Bourgeoisie Society
      • Respectability/status was the most important thing to the upper classes
      • Definition: the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
      • Women
        • Treated as trophies and pets.
        • Could not make their own decisions
        • Worked for men
      • Patriarchal Society
        • Women were subordinate to men
        • Could not take out money on their own had to have husbands consent
        • Would not be allowed to question their husbands actions and would have to do what they say
        • Married women would not be able to work only single women who were usually divorcees
    • Marxism
      • Definition: the political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis of communism.
      • Characters hold a lack of empathy for people not like themselves
      • Capitalism
        • Nora being presented as quite stupid and childlike go on to show the frail, inconsistent nature of capitalism
    • Henrik isben
      • When he was eight years old, his father's business failed and the family retired to a country house..
        • Ibsen bitterly recalled how their friends, eager to dine and drink as guests of the affluent merchant, forsook all connections with the Ibsens when they lost their financial standing
      • In 1850, Ibsen's youth, Norway experienced a nationalist awakening. The new literary generation, after four hundred years of Danish rule (1397–1818), sought to revive the glories of Norwegian history and medieval literature.
      • Ibsen suffered great depression during this part of his life. The varied responsibilities of his job allowed him no chance for his own creative work.
        • In addition, the theater was doing so badly that his salary was severely reduced.


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