Feminist Critics for poems by Christina Rossetti and A Doll's House

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  • A Doll's House and Christina Rossetti Critical Quotes (mainly feminist as let's be honest that's the one you're most likely to choose!)
    • Eric Vallum - 1700's
      • 'There is something indescribably unnatural in this.' - Nora walking out on her family.
    • Amalie Skram - 1880
      • 'She will fight until she has total understanding of her human worth.'
    • Archer in the 1800's in rebuttal to negative critical responses to A Doll's House.
      • 'The critics in fact...are no less flabbergasted than he when the doll pulls out of her masquerade dress and turns out to be a woman after all.'
    • Meyer 21st century
      • 'Its theme is the need of every individual to find out what kind of person he or she really is and strive to become that person.' This is saying that A Doll's House is not a feminist text but about the individual. This fits with the context as Ibsen said that he was not a feminist to the Norwegian women's rights society.
    • Sandra Gilbert - 1979
      • Rossetti was a 'singer of renunciation' as she accepted her fate in society rather than fight back. LInks with her very religious upbringing and her rejection of the WSPU.
    • Tricia Lootens - 1992
      • Tells of the irony that women poets were seen as saints while their intellectual prowess were completely dismissed.
    • Lynda Palazzo
      • 'Rossetti has radically rewritten the Fall of Eve in terms of the social and spiritual abuse of women.'




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