Conservatives under Blair

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  • Conservative's Under Blair
    • 1997 - 2005
      • 2 election defeats, 4 changes of party leader
        • continued party "civil war"
          • lost "appetite for power"
            • John Ramsden
      • many C MPs lost seats or resigned after 1997 e
    • William Hague
      • 36 yr old, won because he had fewer enemies than rivals
        • Thatcher's preferred choice
      • inexperienced, limited political exp.
        • lessened authority
      • attempted to make C policies more socially inclusive
        • rightwingers not let this happen, promoting policies disliked by voters
          • 2001 - retreated to right-wing policy to shore up C vote - hard line against imm. and fight to keep £
            • stopped C MPs moving to UKIP or BNP but did nothing for middle ground - outcome = crushing defeat
              • average age of C party was 63
              • Hague resigned in 2001
    • Iain Duncan-Smith
      • little known, took over from Hague
        • won through -ve voting against portillo and clarke
          • rejecting clarke and portillo was rejecting voters they needed if they were to get back into power
      • little charisma and made little impact on opinion polls
        • after few months C MPs plotting to get rid of him
        • "death wish" like Lab. Party between 79 and 83
      • outsted in 2003, Howard now leader
    • Michael Howard
      • experienced and able politician
        • hate figure
          • severley unpop. home sec. in the 1990s
        • performed strongly against Blair in commons and improved party org. and morale
          • defeated again in 2005 and left position
    • Recovery
      • learned lessons from 05 defeat
        • David Cameron chosen
          • promoted image of rejuvenated, united party
            • represented country as a whole
          • L. party found it harder to attack Cam.
            • similarities with Blair
              • attcaked Cam for making vague promises
                • but Lab had used this since 94
                  • finally offering a credible alternative


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