Blair's First Term 1997 - 2001

A summary of Blair's first term as Prime Minister.

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  • Blair's First Term 1997 - 2001
    • House of Lords Reform
      • More democratic or less?
      • Removed most hereditary peerages
      • House of Lords Act 1999
    • Spin
      • Alastair Campbell
        • No elected government post; ex-journalist and Blair's special adviser
      • Peter Mandelosn
        • Trade Minister and Northern Ireland Minister; both times resigned due to allegations of corruption
    • Economy was 'healthy' under guidance of Brown
      • Set up the MPC; handing control of monetary policy to the Bank of England. Seen as a move to make the government more trustworthy and their economic policy less political.
      • Kept to "prudent" budget of Conservatives
        • Managed to keep inflation low
      • Or was it just inherited from Major?
      • Too cautious in first-term? Not enough focus on public services?
    • Devolution of Scotland and Wales
      • Scottish Parliament
      • National Assembly of Wales
    • Good Friday Agreement 1998
      • Hugely progressive in bringing peace to Northern Ireland
    • Called British troops into combat more than any other PM
      • Iraq 1998
        • Kosovo 1999
          • Afghanistan 2001
    • First London Mayor elections


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