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  • Conservation
    • Conserving Habitats
      • Conservation means keeping and protecting a living and changing environment.
        • Reclaiming land after industrial use
        • Helping set up sustainable agriculture systems
        • Protection of a single threatened species
        • Global legislation on pollution levels and greenhouse gas emissions.
      • In the UK land is protected from development and allowed to sustain a rich diversity of animals and plants
        • National Nature Reserves (NNRs)
        • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). They usually quite small areas which contain rich diversity of life, or a group of endangered plants or animals which thrive there
        • National parks. These areas are all home to farming communities villages and towns.
    • Sustainability
      • Sustainable agriculture includes farming methods which minimise damage to the environment and avoid monoculture
      • It means using organic fertilisers, using biological pest control, maintaining hedgerows and leaving verges around fields.
      • Large scale farming is vital to provide the food.
    • Conserving Species
      • Captive Breeding Programmes
        • Individuals of an endangered species are bred in zoos and parks in an attempt to save the species from extinction
        • The ultimate aim is to reintroduce the captive-bred animals into the wild to restore original populations
        • Reintroduction can be more successful in national parks or other protected areas
        • Problems with captive breeding and reintroduction
          • There isn't enough space or resources in zoos or parks
          • It is difficult to provide the right conditions for breeding
          • Unless the original reason for the species being endangered is removed, then reintroduction will be unsuccessful
          • They may have great problems in adjusting to unsupported life in the wild
          • When the population is small, the gene pool is reduced and this can cause serious problems
          • Can be very expensive and time-consuming and they may fail


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