US Constitution - consequences of federalism.

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  • Consequences of Federalism.
    • Legal
      • Oregon allows doctor-assisted suicide
      • Laws vary on drugs & death penalty
      • Both federal & state courts
      • Variations in penalties for law breaking from state to state.
      • Variations in state law concerning such matters at the age at which one can drive a car & must attend school.
    • Political
      • Each state decides such matters as: how candidates will be chose for elections in their state & the procedures for getting a candidate's name on the ballot paper.
      • Political parties are essentially decentralised,state-based parties.
      • Each state having its own constitution
    • Economic
      • Federal grants.
      • complexity of tax system: income tax is levied by both the federal government & some state governments, different property taxes are levied by the state governments and sales taxes vary between cities.
    • Regionalism
      • Regional diversity and regional considerations when making appointments to cabinet or 'balancing ticket'
      • Distinct difference between the conservatism of the deep south & the liberalism of Northeast.
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