Confessional Poems

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  • Confessional Poems
    • Pains of Sleep
      • Coleridge confessing to lack of religion or sin.
      • Symbolising Coleridge in a religious crisis.
    • Youth and Age
      • Muses upon his loss of youth as old age begins to creep in to his very bones.
      • He renders his body weaker as he realises he lacks the vitality he enjoyed during his younger years.
    • "The experience of depression is in itself an almost defining characteristic of the Romantic mind."
    • A deeper level could be Coleridge's long struggle with mental depression.
    • "Hope" is a fundamental force in both the natural and moral universe.
    • These are poems of doubt and dark reflection.
    • His REAL confession is his prolonged and self-destructive opium addiction.
    • It could be called the poetry of his "darker self".
    • Psychologists presume to say that it is almost universal for creative artists, it = depression.
  • Richard Holmes


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