concept empricism

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  • concept empiricism
    • all concepts are derived from experience
      • tabula rasa (locke)
        • we are born with a blank slate
          • contains no ideas,thoughts or concepts
            • we gain concepts from either sensation(external) or reflection (internal
      • impressions and ideas
        • ideas are faint copies of impressions
          • as there are impressions of sensation and reflection, there are also ideas
            • without the required experience you cannot form the concept
              • Hume:missing shade of blue, we could probably form an idea of it in our head without experience - humes copy principle
      • simple and complex concepts
        • starts with simple impressions eg singular colours,smells etc
          • copy these to form simple concepts, to then construct complex concepts
            • but we cant do this for all concepts e.g. beauty and knowledge


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