Computer Systems Revision

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  • Computer Systems
    • Types of hardware
      • Input Device (this allow the user to enter data into the computer)
        • Microphone
        • Touchpad
        • Scanner
        • Keyboard
        • TouchScreen
        • Mouse
        • Joystick
      • Output Device (used to output data previously entered into the computer)
        • Printer
        • Lights/LED's
        • Speakers
        • Headphones
        • Screen/ Monitor
    • Types of software
      • Application Software
        • Application software is different because it allow you to do everyday tasks
        • Examples of Application Software: Word Processors, Spreadsheet Software, Graphics Software, Web Design Software
      • System Sofware
        • User Interface
          • The user interface is how the user interacts with the computer, providing instructions and controlling the device
        • Utility Programs
          • Utility programs only do one or two tasks but do them very well
          • Tasks include: File Compression Sorting Renaming Conversion and Repair, Anti Virus Checks, Disk Defragmentation and Backing up Data
        • Drivers
          • Drivers Translate commands from the operating system into commands that the Hardware understands
        • Operating System
          • Examples: Linux, Windows 7, MacOS
          • Sorting out where to store data on disk drives
          • Dealing with security (passwords and usernames)
          • Organising files and dealing with saving, opening, deleting and closing files
          • Managing data transfer from the CPU


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