Computing Standards

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  • Computing Standards
    • De Jure
      • 'De Jure' means 'by law'.
        • These are De Facto standards that have become so universally accepted that they have to be adhered to or communication is impossible.
      • Examples
        • TCP/IP
        • ASCII
        • PDF
        • Unicode
    • De Facto
      • De Facto standards develop over time because of common usage
      • Examples
        • PostScript
        • QWERTY keyboard
        • Microsoft Word
    • Proprietary
      • Standards owned by an organisation
      • Examples
        • Windows is a software standard owned by Microsoft
      • Proprietary standards are often widely used but they are not approved by an independent standards body.
    • Industry
      • Industry standards are set by recognized non-commercial organisations.
      • Examples
        • ANSI
        • IEEE
        • ITU
    • Open
      • Publicly available
      • Produced collaboratively
      • not dominated by any one interest group
      • Not for profit and available free of charge or at a small cost
      • Sufficiently detailed to allow interoperability between the developers that use them.
      • Examples
        • HTTP
        • HTML
        • WAP


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