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Restricted access to files depending on your roles and training.
Access levels
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Malware that displays unwanted ads,often as pop ups.
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Method of reducing data to make size of file smaller (compress)
Algorithm(file compression)
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Utility software that scans files and deletes or quarantines viruses.
Anti-virus software
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File(s) that is sent along with an e-mail
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Image selected to represent someone
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A copy of data kept in a different location so it can be restored.
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Speed of an internet connection measured in 'bits per second'
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Send email to many people but hide addresses from each other
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An online journal or diary that's meant to be updated regularly
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Type of data in a database field that can be true/false or yes/no
Boolean(data type)
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A high speed internet connection that's 'always on'
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Software application used for viewing webpages e.g Google Chrome
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Email terms for sending copies of messages
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Use digits in a code to check the data is right e.g in a barcode
Check digit(validation)
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Means the computer you use to view webpages e.g on a tablet
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Means interactive parts of webpages made using code scripts
Client-side processing
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Keeping your files on an online server,not your own computer
Cloud storage
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Solid copper wire with thick shielding that connects Tv and aerial
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Computer program that speeds transmission of audio and video
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People working together on same document stored on the Cloud
Collaborative working
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Use of technology to track people's messages e.g. by the Police
Communication monitoring
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Reducing the amount of data in a file for storage & sending
Compression (files)
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Anti-hacking law that's focused on 'un-authorised' access
Computer Misuse Act
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Small file stored on computer used to track online behaviour
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Anti-piracy law to protect rights of makers of music, movies etc.
Copyright, Designs & Patents Act
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Privacy law to force organisations to look after personal data
Data Protection Act
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A structured collection of information e.g. for products in a shop
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A type of data that can be stored in a database e.g. date of birth
Date/Time (Data Type)
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Software that allows you to create & use your own databases
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Old fashioned way to connect to Internet via modem & phone
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The name of a site & the main part of the address e.g.
Domain name (URL)
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Scrambling data before sending online so hackers can't decode
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Dedicated email application or program , such as MS Outlook.
Email client software
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Cable made from strands of glass that carry data as light
Fibre optic
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One item of data in a database, such as a Surname field
Field (Database)
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Control what you can do to a file: Read, Read/Write, Full Control
File permissions
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Software that monitors data coming in and out of a network
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Special field that links two tables in a relational database
Foreign Key (Relational Db)
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Check that input data is in required format e.g. date is DD/MM/YY
Format check (Data Validation)
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Law gives the right to see data stored about you by public sector
Freedom of Information Act
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Old set of rules to handle uploads & downloads from a server
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
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Lets you delete a file, as well as read (view) & write (edit)
Full control (file permission)
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Data transmits in both directions but not simultaneous
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Coding language used to create webpages using tags
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Set of rules that controls loading webpages
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Rules for secure webpages where data is scrambled for privacy
HTTPS (secure webpages)
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Set of rules that handles webmail for access 'anytime, anywhere'
IMAP (webmail)
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Stores details of all the cut words so a document can be remade
Index (File compression)
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Special database that stores details of billions of webpages
Index (Search engine)
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Malware that displays unwanted ads,often as pop ups.



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Method of reducing data to make size of file smaller (compress)


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Utility software that scans files and deletes or quarantines viruses.


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File(s) that is sent along with an e-mail


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