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  • Software
    • Operating systems
      • Peripheral management
        • uses drivers
        • drivers have to be kept up to date
      • File management
        • OS has to keep track of files
        • Stored in a hierarchal tree structure
        • top node of the tree is the root directory
      • Process management
        • OS have to multitask
        • CPU can only do 1 thing at a time
        • Uses a scheduling algorithm
      • User management
        • access control
        • User interface
        • Graphical user interface (GUI)
        • Command line interface (CLI)
        • File permissions
      • Round Robin
        • each process is allocated a time slice
        • processes are held in a queue
        • during its time slice the process has exclusive use of the CPU
        • At the end of the time if its unfinished it goes to the back of the queue
    • Utility Software
      • Data compression
        • reduces size of file so it takes up less space and is quicker to transfer
      • File Repair
        • scans the damaged file and extracts as much data as possible and stores it elsewhere
      • Disk defragmentation
        • Rearranges individual file blocks for each file
      • Backup software
        • backup copies of files are made so if the original is lost it has a copy spare
      • Anti-Malware
        • Some use a database with malware patterns on
        • some use heuristic analysis to detect suspicious behaviour
    • Robust Software
      • handle unexpected actions without crashing or producing incorrect output
      • good programming practices and keeping audit trails help
      • insufficient testing and using quick fixes are bad
    • Programming languages
      • Low level languages
        • Difficult and time consuming to read
        • Have few tools to help with maintenance and debugging
        • Are machine specific
        • Interact directly wit the hardware
      • High level languages
        • Programmer friendly
        • Have tools that make maintenance and debugging easier
        • machine independent and portable
        • less memory efficient




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