OCR Computer Fundamentals

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  • Computer Fundementals
    • Computer Systems: have hardware and software
      • Input: keyboards, mouse, etc.
      • Processing: makes sense of information the computer has been given
      • Storage: stores information
      • Output: speakers, computer screen. etc
    • Importance
      • Health: for diagnosis and treatment
      • Business: to communicate and working from home
      • Safety: traffic light, radars, etc.
      • Transport: buses, trains, etc.
    • Reliability
      • Make sure there is a back up system
      • Run multiple tests on it
      • Save all data in more than one place
    • Standards
      • Work in a way everyone understands
      • Add comments to programs
      • Systems thoroughly documented
    • Consideratios
      • Ethics: loss of jobs, poorer countries exploited, price
      • Environment: power, disposal, use scarce resources
      • Legal: Data protection act, copyright, computers must be safe.


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