Community Cohesion: Women

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  • Community Cohesion: Women
    • Sexism: Discriminating against someone because of their gender (being male or female)
    • Why attitudes have changed towards Women
      • Other Countries
      • Suffragettes
      • War
      • Successful Women
      • Labour Government
    • Christian Attitudes
      • Modern Attitude
        • St Paul
        • Jesus was all for equality
        • Adam and Eve Created in image of God
        • Women Priests in early Church
      • Catholic Attitude
      • Traditional Atttitude
        • Bible word of God
        • Adam was created first
        • Jesus only had male disciples
        • St Paul
    • Muslim Attitudes
      • Traditional Attitude
        • Qu'ran teaches tradition
        • Shar'iah teaches tradition
        • Tradition
        • Women only inherit half of what Men earn, showing Men provide for Women
        • God made men stronger
      • Modern Attitude
        • Qu'ran says equality
        • Modern Society needs Women
        • Muhammad
        • Affected by Women's Right


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