Communities and ecosystems

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  • Communities and Ecosystems
    • most species occupy different trophic levels in multiple food chains
      • trophic level - its feeding position in a food chain
    • A food web shows all the possible food chains in a community
    • the type of stable ecosystem that will emerge in an area is predictable based on climate
      • temperature
      • precipitation
      • High rainfall
        • forest
        • high temperatures
          • tropical rainforest
        • cooler temperatures
          • temperate rainforests
      • moderate rainfall
        • grassland
      • no rainfall
        • desert
    • the percentage of ingested energy converted to biomass is dependent on the respiration rate
      • Net production = gross production - respiration
        • gross production - total amount of organic matter produced per unit area per unit time
        • net production - amount of gross production remaining after subtraction of the amount used for respiration
    • Disturbance influences the structure and rate of change within ecosystems
    • In closed ecosystems energy but not matter is exchanged with the surroundings
      • Open ecosystems
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