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  • Homeostasis and Communic.
    • Responding to the environment
      • Animals respond to changes in their external environment
        • Respond to changes in their internal environment
          • Detect the stimuli and are specific to one particular stimulus
            • Communicate with effectors via the nervous system or hormonal system or both
    • Homeostasis
      • Maintenance of a constant internal environment despite changes in the external environment
        • This keeps cells functioning properly and stops them becoming damaged
        • Maintain core body temp
          • Temperature affects enzyme activity
            • Enzymes control rate of metabolic reactions
        • Maintain glucose concentration
          • So there is enough for respiration
      • Negative Feedback System
        • Effectors counteract any change and bring levels back to normal
          • Only works within certain limits- if the change is too big effectors may not be able to counteract it
  • Stimuli
    • Receptors
  • Cell Signalling
  • Not homeostasis because it doesn't involve keeping internal environment constant
  • Examples


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