Yalta and Potsdam

Mindmap of Yalta and Potsdam Conferences held in 1945

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  • Yalta & Potsdam
    • Yalta before the end of WW2
      • Allies (Britain, America and USSR) decide what to do with Europe at the end of war. Germany pay all of war reperations
      • February 1945...Churchill, Roosevelt & Stalin
      • Split Gremany in to 4 ZONES (French, American, USSR and  British)
        • Berlin was also split into
      • Agreements made but not finalised, e.g amount Germany would pay in reperations
      • Stalin Promised to enter the war against Japan and help the USA
      • Stalin promised to allow free elections in Easter Europe
      • USSR, USA and Britain called 'The Big Three'
      • Usa and the USSR are Superpowers
      • Government of 'national unity' to be set up in Poland, comprising both communists and non-communists.
      • Declaration of Liberated Europe.
    • Potsdam after the end of WW2
      • July 1945... Attlee, Truman & Stalin
        • Churchill defeated in elections, Roosevelt had died and was repleaced.
      • No common enemy between the USA and the USSR
      • Truman distrusted Stalin as they switched sudes in the war
      • War criminals responcible for Concentration Camps and Death Camps would be hunted down
      • All Nazi invaded countries would be freed of their control and be allowed to have freedom of speech, vote and movement
      • USA didn't tell USSR abot the Atom Bomb but told Britian
      • Stalin arrested non-communist leaders in Poland
      • USA Dropped the atom bomb on Japan without help from the USSR
      • Agreed USSR could take any reperations from its zone and 10% from the Western Zonwesd
      • USA and Britian alamed at the number of communist leaders in Eastern Euirope
      • Disagreements about boundries between zones in Gremany
      • USSR begins Easter Expansion
    • The Trum,an distrusted Stalin and didn't like him even more the Roosevelt. He didn't want communism spreading through out the USA as it had done in  Eastern Europe


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