Cognitive Interview

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  • Cognitive Interview
    • Report everything
      • Witnesses encouraged to recall every detail
      • Even seemingly irrelevant information should be recalled
        • Trivial details may be important
        • Can trigger other important memories
    • Change perspective
      • Recall the incident from someone elses perspective
      • Disrupts effects of expectations and schema on recall
    • Reinstate the context
      • Witness returns to original crime scene in their mind
      • Imagining the environment
        • What the weather was like
        • What they could see
      • relates to context-dependent forgetting
    • Reverse the order
      • Recall events in a different chronologicalorder
        • From end to begining
        • From middle to begining
      • Prevents reporting expectations of what happened rather than what actually happened
      • Harder to tell a dishonest account if a witness has to reverse it
    • Enhanced cognitive interview
      • Fischer et al (1987) added elements to focus on social dynamics of an interation
      • E.g. interviewer needs to know when and when not to establish eye contact
      • Also includes other ideas
        • Witness anxiety
        • Minimising distractions
        • Getting the witness to speak slowly
        • Asking open ended questions


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