Cognitive explanations for schizophrenia

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  • Cognitive explanations
    • Outline (A01)
      • Abnormalities in cognitive functioning lead to dysfunctional beliefs and delusions
      • Defective filters let in too much irrelevant information
      • Inundated with external stimuli; cannot interpret the world appropriately
    • Research evidence
      • Stirling et al (2006) Schizophrenic patients took twice as long to complete the stroop test
      • Frith (1992) Disorganised speech and thought disorder comes from poor central control
        • Central control; ability to suppress automatic responses and replace with deliberate actions
    • Evaluate (A03)
      • Too reductionist; ignores any other basis
      • Practical applications; CBT shows treatments using cognitive explanations are effective
      • Accounts for both positive (delusions) and negative (speech poverty) symptoms
      • Manschreck (1970) Delusions occur in a variety of disorders where no cognitive impaitment is evident


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