Cognitive Explanations for Schizophrenia

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FRITH suggested that COGNITIVE DEFECITS is possible explanations for behaviours of schizophrenia

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Cognitive Deficits

Cognitive Deficits

Cognitive deficits are impairments in thought processes such as perception, memory and attention.

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Explain Behaviours..

Cognitive Defecits explain some behaviours of schizophrenia...

Reduced levels of emotional expression

Disorganised speech


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Bentall suggested cognitive biases as possible explanation of schizophrenia

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cognitive biases

cognitive biases occur when an individual remembers, pays attention too ot notices certain information over others.

Selective attention

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Explain behaviours

This can explain behaviours such as... 


Auditory Hallucinations

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Research suggests these are associated with biases in reasoning and explaing social situations. 

Auditory Hallucinations: See themselves in terms of their social networks, powerless in compaison to others. This bias leads them to feel worthless. Mistake their inner voice for speech from external source. Bigger the power gap in social network, stronger the inner voice and more control it has. 

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YELLOWLESS - practical applications


developed machine producing virtual hallucinations to show that they arent real.

Allows psychologists to create new initiatives to improve quality of life

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are cognitive biases/defecits cause of schizophrenia?

or is  schizophrenia cause of cognitive biases/defecits?

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Doesnt consider biological approach genes/neurotransmitters

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