Lyme Regis Management

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  • Coastal Features and Management - Lyme Regis
    • Issues
      • Unstable Cliffs
      • Powerful waves from SW cause rapid erosion
      • Forshore erosion has damaged/destroyed many properties
      • Sea walls have been breached many times
    • How has it been managed?
      • The Lyme Regis Environmental Improvement Scheme was set up in the early 1990s to provide long-term coastal protection and reduce the threat of landslips
      • Engineering works were completed in 2015
    • Key Features
      • Phase 1+2:
        • new sea walls and promenades
        • cliffs stabilised
        • extension of rock armour to absorb energy
        • Creation of wide sand and shingle beach to absorb energy
      • Phase 3
        • Didn't go ahead - costs outweighed benefits
      • Phase 4
        • New sea wall for extra protection
        • Cliffs stabilised to protect homes
      • Total cost : over £43 million
    • Success
      • Positive Outcomes
        • New beaches - inc. visitor no. and  businesses doing well
        • New defences withstood stormy winters
        • Harbour is protected
      • Negative Outcomes
        • Increased no. of visitors -> congestion and litter
        • The new defences may spoil landscape
        • New sea wall might interfere natural processes and cause problems elsewhere




i really like the mind map but what would help is if the points were more extended for example if the positive and negative outcomes were extended and made the point into more details 

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