Lyme Regis Management

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  • Coastal Features and Management - Lyme Regis
    • Issues
      • Unstable Cliffs
      • Powerful waves from SW cause rapid erosion
      • Forshore erosion has damaged/destroyed many properties
      • Sea walls have been breached many times
    • How has it been managed?
      • The Lyme Regis Environmental Improvement Scheme was set up in the early 1990s to provide long-term coastal protection and reduce the threat of landslips
      • Engineering works were completed in 2015
    • Key Features
      • Phase 1+2:
        • new sea walls and promenades
        • cliffs stabilised
        • extension of rock armour to absorb energy
        • Creation of wide sand and shingle beach to absorb energy
      • Phase 3
        • Didn't go ahead - costs outweighed benefits
      • Phase 4
        • New sea wall for extra protection
        • Cliffs stabilised to protect homes
      • Total cost : over £43 million
    • Success
      • Positive Outcomes
        • New beaches - inc. visitor no. and  businesses doing well
        • New defences withstood stormy winters
        • Harbour is protected
      • Negative Outcomes
        • Increased no. of visitors -> congestion and litter
        • The new defences may spoil landscape
        • New sea wall might interfere natural processes and cause problems elsewhere


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