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  • Strokes
    • Stroke - The effects of stroke depend on the location and extent of the damage.
      • Ischemic Stroke
        • Thrombotic stroke - Blood clot within blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis
        • Embolic stroke - Blood clot forms outside of the blood vessel, travels to the brain and becomes lodged.
      • Middle Cerebral Artery - Hemi-paralysis and loss of sensation on one side
      • Posterior Cerebral Artery - Affect vision/object recognition/memory
      • Anterior Cerebral Artery - Sensory, motor and smell loss
      • Treatment of stroke
        • Acute ischemic stroke - Clot busting drugs (tPA), chronic - therapy for physical difficulties/language/cognition
        • Angiography - Detect blockages using X-ray/mri and a chemical contrast agent to highlight blocked vessel e.g. narrow of carotid arteries
        • Pre-emptive treatment (Ischemia) - If internal carotid artery is more than 70% occluded, plaque is removed to restore blood flow. This is a surgical procedure.
        • Blood thinners/anti-clog drugs, increasing cardiovascular health
    • Hemorrhagic stroke - Bleed from artery into brain and blood builds up inside the skull and compresses brain tissue.
      • Intracerebral haemorrhage - Bleed inside of brain tissue, hypertension (weaken vessel walls and small vessels burst) and may lead to aneurysm which is a bulge in the wall which can also weaken and burst.
      • Extracerebral haemorrhage - Bleed outside of brain but inside of skull. This may occur around the meninges which is the protective layer.




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