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  • Classification
    • What is a species?
      • The Morphology Concept - Based on Linnaeus' ideas and focused on the organism's appearance. This is limited by sexual dimorphism which is when opposite sexes show different traits.
      • The Reproductive Concept - a group of organisms with similar traits that interbreed to form fertile offspring. in which genes can flow between individuals.
      • Ecological Species Model - based on a niche occupied by an organism. However, some organisms occupy more than one niche and the definition of niche changes.
      • Mate Recognition - based on unique fertilisation systems in which an animal will always recognise it's mate.
      • Genetic Model - based on DNA evidence, the more similar they are the closer related they are. However, it is unclear how much difference constitutes a different species.
      • Evolutionary Model - based on shared evolutionary pathways, however, the pathways are not always clear.


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