Divisions in youth; Gender, Class and Ethnicity

How youth is divised, Focuses on Gender, Class and Ethnicity 

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  • Class
    • Murdock & McCrone: middle class youth are more likely to join counter culture movements e.g hippies and the Vietnam war protests
    • Roberts: Class boundaries are becoming blurred (MIPC - Club culture)
    • Blake- hippies reject consumerism and the conservative views of their parents
    • CCCS- the rich exploit the poor
      • Clarke- skinheads exaggerated working class values due to the treat of increasing middle class people
  • Gender
    • Heibensohn- accuses functionalism and Marxists of being male stream and research is written from a male perspective.
    • Osgerby- post war social change effected women's roles ad they took of professional roles and became more independent
    • McRobbie & Garber- BEDROOM CULTURE: make up, gossiping and advice about boys were all activities carried out by girls
    • Smart- CONTROL: suggests girls are controlled by men and kept indoors for safety while boys are encouraged to stay outdoors
  • Ethnicity
    • Hebdige- young black people born in Britain are being marginalised, they form subcultures driving away their opposition
    • Johal- BRASIAN. young asian people in Britain are neither fully Asian or fully British but a mixture this is also known as hybrid culture
    • Bennett- HYBRID MUSIC. the mixture of Bhangra music and British hip hop allows young Asians to be a part of both cultures
  • Hall- young black men were used as scapegoats for muggings this lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy and moral panics
  • Lincoln-suggests bedroom culture is a middle class perspective as technology plays a major role in bedroom culture.
  • Blackman- GIRLS RESISTING: researched and found girls were rebelling against a male dominated society by acting and dressing like boys
    • Neglect of men: suicide biggest killer of men under 25
  • Katz- NEW MAN


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