Class and external factors

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  • Class and external factors
    • Cultural deprivation
      • What is it?
        • where a low class person has inferior norms, values, skills and knowledge compared to a middle/high class person.
      • Working-class parents usually have a worse education so are less confident dealing with parent evenings and subject choices, but middle-class parents know what resources to buy and trips to take
      • Subcultures
        • Middle-class subculture: future orientated and deferred gratification 
        • Working-class subculture: present time orientated and immediate gratification
    • Material deprivation
      • Cost of education
        • School-related costs were £1614 in 2013 per child, so many families can not afford extra resources
      • What is it?
      • Poor housing means reduced areas suitable for studying, and usually damp areas which effect health Poor diets lead to more illnesses and increased tiredness
    • Types of capital
      • Economic – financial resources that can be used to buy educational success
      • Social – resources based on social connections and group membership
      • Cultural – interests, tastes and manners that can help individuals succeed in a career/education
        • Sullivan
          • Questionnaire of 465 pupils in 4 schools were asked reading and tv habits, and if they visited galleries, museums and theatre, as well as vocab and cultural knowledge 
            • found cultural capital only accounted for part of underachievement
      • What is it?
        • Bourdieu introduced the notion of capital, defined as sums of particular assets put to productive use.
        •  converts to material rewards, including good grades, high status, jobs and salaries


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