Class and Crime

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  • Class and Crime
    • Poverty
      • Rosenbaum - said criminals and problem com = poor housing, low-income, bad schools, drug abuse
      • Wilson and Kelling - Broken windows
    • Middle Class
      • Corporate crime - to max profit (tax dodging) / white collar crimes / information theft / insider trading / money laundering
    • Working Class
      • (f)Miller = subculture values - encourage crime (excitement)
      • (f)A/Cohen =  status frustration  sense of failure so alternate ways to gain status as feel so value of normal means so act out
      • (r.r) Murray = inadequate socialisation as no father so go to others for this role creates underclass who are welfare dependent
      • (f) Merton = strain as lack of balance in society as lots of people can't achieve
      • (i) Becker = labelling theory as see self concept of deviant careers for status so join gangs to escape rejection
      • (m) Bonger = criminogenic capitalism - breeds criminals to make competitive
      • (lr) Runciman = relative deprivation so resort to crime to get what they feel entitled to (media raises)


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