Class and Beliefs

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  • Class and Beliefs
    • Marxists
      • According to Marxists - social class is closely related to religion
      • They believe society is based upon two classes
        • Ruling Class: Own the means of production
          • E.g. land, capital and raw material
        • Subject Class: have to work for the ruling class
      • Weber - 'Theodicy of Disprivilige'
        • 'Theodicy of Disprivilige' means religions that are rooted in the experience of the most disadvantaged
          • An example of this is Rastafarianism
            • The religion of poor Jamaicans, which offers the hope of return to Africa
        • An example of this is Rastafarianism
          • The religion of poor Jamaicans, which offers the hope of return to Africa
    • Churches
      • Aspire to include members from all classes
        • However, in contemporary Britain this isn't the case
      • The upper and upper middle class are over-presented because of an association with the establishment and a general conservative ideology
        • Conservatism is an ideology which values the status quo and accepts changed only reluctantly and at a very slow pace
    • Denominations
      • Slightly anti-establishment as they have broken away from the religious mainstream
        • However, Wallis notes that they're respectable organisations and therefore tend to attract the lowest classes
      • Appeal most to the upper working class and middle lower class
    • Sects
      • Traditionally have recruited the most disadvantaged members of society
        • Require members to give up their previous life - those with a lot to lose are not likely to join
          • The Black Muslims in the USA, for example, tend to recruit the most disadvantaged Black Americans
      • Wallis argues that in the 1960s and 1970s they also began to appeal to the 'relatively deprived' middle class of affluent students who were seeking to compensate for their lack of spiritual life
        • E.g. The Moonies
    • Cults
      • Can appeal to the already successful and the disadvantaged and relatively deprived
      • Stark and Bainbridge (1985)
        • Client cults/ World Affirming NRMs appeal to the already successful and affluent who want to become more successful
      • Paul Heelas (1996)
        • The New Age tends to appeal to the middle class, especially women
      • Steve Bruce (2002)
        • It appeals to those who live in expensive professions such as media, teaching and counselling


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