Circulatory System - blood

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  • Circulatory System - blood
    • Red blood cells carry oxygen
      • From the lungs to all the cells in the body
      • Shape gives them a large surface area for absorbing oxygen
      • Haemoglobin - allows red blood cells to carry oxygen
      • Don't have a nucleus which leaves more space for carrying oxygen
    • White blood cells defend against infection
      • Part of your immune system
      • Some can change shape to gobble up unwelcome microorganisms
      • They DO have a nucleus
    • Platelets help the blood to clot at a wound
      • Small fragments of cells with no nucleus
      • Stops all your blood pouring out
      • Stops any microorganisms getting in
    • Plasma is the liquid that carries everything in the blood
      • Carries;
        • Red & white blood cells
        • Food molecules - glucose and amino acids
        • Waste products - CO2 and urea
        • Hormones
        • Proteins


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