Churchill's Second Term

A summary of Churchill's second term.

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    • Ailing health meant that Churchill was little more than a 'figurehead'
      • R.A. Butler; Churchill's Chancellor of the Exchequer - also H. Sec. and F. Sec. in other posts - most influential figure of period.
    • MacMillan, as housing minister, built more than 300,000 new homes
      • First atomic bomb of Britain detonated in 1952
      • Ended Korean war in 1953
    • 'Butskellism'
      • There was supposedly convergence between the economic policy of R.A. Butler and Hugh Gaitskell, Attlee's Chancellor.
      • Some believe that 'Butskellism' never really existed.
      • Beginnings of post-war consensus?
      • Gaitskell used taxation, Butler used interest rates
      • 'socially conscious' economics



Not exactly related to my studies (my fault not yours!) but very interesting and I'm sure it will help others.

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