Churchill 1930-45

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  • Churchill's View of Events (1929-1940)
    • Out of Office
      • India
        • 'Jewel in the crown' of the Empire
          • Had to be protected to maintain the Empire
        • British rule alone prevented domination of Hindu elites
          • Strongly believed in racial superiority of Anglo-Saxons
        • Bitterly opposed the independence movement of 1918
          • His views became increasingly public and extreme
      • Abdication Crisis
        • Edward VIII wanted to marry a previously divorced American, Wallis Simpson
          • As Head of Church, divorce should be frowned upon
            • Public Opinion and the cabinet were against the marriage
          • Churchill was part of a group called the 'King's Friends'
            • Devotion to the monarchy
            • Moved by the love story
            • Unsympathetic to those who were opposed to the King's happiness
      • Rearmament and Appeasement
        • Churchill was for British rearmament and against the appeasement of Germany
    • Becoming Prime Minister
      • No confidence vote against Chamberlain
        • Man of Peace
        • Norway mining campaign
        • Halifax would not stand
      • Experienced, powerful orator, sense of destiny
      • Sense of urgency due to German invasion of Holland and Belgium


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