Church Opposition to Nazis

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  • Church Opposition to Nazis
    • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      • Protestant
      • Opposed Nazi policies on euthanasia.
      • Put in Buchenwald concentration camp, then moved to Flossenburg and executed.
      • Banned from preaching and college closed.
    • Bishop Von Galen
      • Catholic
      • Opposed against euthanasia.
      • Arrested and sent to Sachsenhausen Concentration camp.
      • Euthanasia programme suspended because of him, and he was accused of being involved in an attempt to assassinate Hitler. No evidence was found.
    • Pastor Martin Niemoller
      • Protestant
      • Opposed Nazi church and arrest of Christian ministers.
      • Arrested and sent to Dachau concentration camp.
      • Was due to be executed, but was freed by the allies just before the end of WW2


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