Global concerns

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  • Global concerns
    • Pollution describes anything that damages the soil,water or atmosphere with harmful consequences
      • Most pollution is cased by human activity such as
        • Rubbish- Produced by wasting
        • Liquid waste and sewage- often poured into rivers and seas
        • Transport-give out carbon dioxide. Burning fossil fuels also release carbon dioxide into the air. This contributes to the greenhouse affect.
    • Global warming
      • Through pollution the 'green house' affect is increased as fumes of fossil fuels add to the blanket of gases around the atmosphere that traps the suns energy into the earth.
        • This causes global warming- as a result of the increased greenhouse affect, there is gradual increase in the temperature of the planet
    • Individual and community responses- recycle,dont leave taps running,use energy efficient light bulbs,use non-polluting forms of transport
      • National responses: the UK government is working to reduce carbon emissions in many ways-using renewable and nuclear forms of power and encouraging recycling
        • International responses: 1997 Kyoto Protocol, aimed to reduce carbon emissions by 5%


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