Christian Moral Principles

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  • Christian Moral Principles
    • Bible
      • Contradicts itself - Jesus healing on Sabbath
      • Is both relative and absolutist
      • Doesn't guide you in everything
      • Age - difficult to apply in modern times
      • 10 Commandments
      • Too many inturpretations
      • Instructs you to reflect
      • Written by reputable people - coming from God
    • Church
      • Community
      • Based off of the bible
    • Love/Conscience
      • Personal view of morality and how to act in certain situations
      • Butler - Conscience from God (intuition) and ignore what we know is right
      • Newman - God speaking directlyt to you so should listen
      • Augustine -Conscienece is God revealing himself and his love.
      • Situation Ethics
        • Tillich - rules useful in hypothetical situations
    • Theonomy: a state of being governed by God
    • Heteronomy: God and morality are linked but not the same
    • Autonomy: Morality and God are seperate


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