A Level - RS - Introduction into the Just War Theory

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  • Introdiction into the 'Just War' Theory
    • For believers
      • the teachings of Jesus concerning peace
        • led to very difficult ethical and moral dilemmas because it is not clear whether or not a religious believer should fight in a war.
    • The first Christians followed principles of non-retaliation and pacifism
      • Which were completely fine in times of peace
        • But when conflict loomed it became a real problem.
    • It came to head 100 years after Christianity has become the official religion of Rome
      • But when conflict loomed it became a real problem.
      • Emperor Constantine
        • was in need for help to fight his enemies
          • Was ultimately dismayed by the attitudes of the Christians
            • Believed it was the reluctance to fight by the Xians that it was weakening the forces of Rome.
    • The Church had to make a decision
      • The response came from St Augustine
        • He designed the Xian form of 'Just War' Theory
          • Which has been adapted through time by the likes of Thomas Aquinas
            • And the leadership of the Christian Church
              • Until there are principles concerning whether or not a Christian should fight in a war.
    • There are Seven concerning the beginning of a war
      • and two concerning during a war
    • It is stated that all life is sacred
      • It may in times be acceptable to kill in order to protect the lives of others


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