Choosing the VP Candidate/ Running Mate

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  • Choosing the VP Candidate/ Running Mate
    • What do candidates look for in a running mate?
      • Balancing the ticket
        • In 2008 and 2012 Obama obviously appealed to ethnic minorities
          • He chosen Joe Biden who was older (70 in 2012), a long serving white politician and was an expert in foreign affairs
      • A role in Government
        • George Bush chose **** Chaney was he was a highly experienced Washington politician and Bush had no experience of this
          • He played a vital role in the Bush administration and was a very powerful VP
      • Unifying the Party
        • John McCain chose Sarah Palin  as his running mate for the Republincans in 2008 because she was from the radical right wing of the party and he was more a traditional/ moderate Republican
        • Ronald Reagan chose George Bush Snr. as his running mate because Bush had been his main rival for the nomination and this would have helped to bring the party back together
    • How important is the Vice President choice?
      • After the initial excitement of the choice of the running mate the campaign usually re focuses on the main contenders again
        • In the 2012 election it was Obama V Romney not Biden or Ryan
      • If the choice is controversial or unusual it may cause temporary excitement but can damage a campaign
        • McCain's choice of Palin caused temporary excitement but her lack of experience, mistakes in interviews and extreme right wing views alarmed many commentators and may not have helped McCain
      • Romney's selection of Ryan in 2012 caused a temporary lift to his campaign because of Ryan's youth and his radical views but in the end this made little difference to his chances
        • Before his announcement of Ryan him and Obama had 46% each in the polls then with the announcement  his went up to 47% and Obama's went down to 45% but then within 10 days they leveled again


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