China South North Water Transfer Project

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  • About
    • China South-North Water Transfer Project
      • Reducing Poverty?
        • China average income is low at $7594/year.
        • SN Water Project aims to decrease poverty by improving water access.
          • Will increase development etc.
          • Makes China 'drought proof'
            • During 2010 drought economic damage of $3.5 billion.
          • Improves health
            • 11% cancers of digestive system caused by bad water.
            • $80 mil spent by gov. to reduce water pollution.
      • Impacts
        • By 2015 it has cost $79 billion (supposed to cost $62 bil)
        • Completed line to Beijing has provided safe water to over 21 mil ppl.
        • Over 330,000 people displaced for building of pipeline.
    • Aims to tackle disparities with location-based water stress.
      • Lack of water in Beijing etc.
    • 'Top down', large scale water supply strategy.
    • Construction began in 2002.
    • Plan is to divert 44.8 billion cubic metres of water to the North.
    • Each province is required to appoint company to oversee administration of water.


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