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  • Childhood
    • Functionalists
      • Think Children
      • Childrens toys are specialised for them
      • Children have a contained culture
      • Because life is complex , children should socialize through education.
      • Childhood is changing
    • Views Of Childhood
      • Conflict view argues against march of progress
        • There are inequalites
        • Some children arent protected.
        • Children suffer with oppression + dependency
      • In western society, childhood has improved - march of progress
      • Welfare View - children Act 1989
      • Control View - children are unable to control their inner A.S.B.O
    • Marxists + Feminists
      • Negative Persepctive of childhood
      • Artificial period where oppression happens.
      • Age patriarchy exists within family.
      • Distribution of power, work and violence is rewarded.
      • Strong view that children shouldn't be protected from the reality of life e.g. death
      • Childhood is dying out
      • Children are NOT sheltered because of the media + social networking sites.
      • Children are Un-disciplined
      • Adults are having children too young > they are children themselves.


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