Child Lang. Acquisition Theorists

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  • Child Lang. Acquisition
    • Skinner
      • lang. is learned through imitation
      • theory based on condition and reinforcement
      • fails to explain how children produce structures they haven't heard before
    • Chomsky
      • born with the inherited skills to learn and pick up any language
      • neglects environmental consideration such as motherease
    • Bruner
      • LASS, says interaction w/ adults supports lang. development
        • through LASS, parents use books and images to develop child's naming abilities and engage them in a convo
      • sees development as a continuous process
    • Vygotsky
      • emphasizes importance of relationships between adults and children
      • associated with Social Development Theory
        • stresses the role of social interaction
      • Zone of Proximal Development= appropriate assistance will give the child boost to achieve the task
    • Piaget
      • STAGE 1: birth-2 years; sensorimotor stage
        • language is egocentric
        • develop reflexes, habits, object permanence
      • STAGE 2: 2-7 years; pre-operational stage
        • egocentric still and language development occurs
      • STAGE 3: 7-12 years; concrete operational stage
        • complex sentences
        • interrogatives and imperatives
        • turn taking
      • STAGE 4: 11-15 years; formal operational stage
        • ability to hypothesize
        • think in a more systematic way
    • Michael Halliday
      • Instrumental
        • to express needs
      • Interactional
        • to develop social relationships
      • Regulatory
        • to control actions of others
      • Heuristic
        • to explore the environment
      • Imaginative
        • to explore the imagination
      • Representational
        • to exchange information
      • Personal
        • to express feelings, opinions and identity


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