Chemistry: 3a

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  • Chemistry: 3a
    • Hardness of water
      • Hard water
        • contains dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds
          • rain water comes into contact with rocks and compounds dissolve in the water
      • soft water
        • produces lather easily
          • less soap needed
        • heating systems last longer in appliances(saves money)
      • titration experiment can be done to compare hardness of water
    • Reversible Reactions
      • if a reversible reaction takes place in a closed system equilibrium is reached
        • equilibrium is when both sides of reaction occur at same rate
      • increasing temp favours the endothermic reaction and decreases the rate of the exothermic
      • increasing pressure in a gaseous reaction favours the reaction with less molecules



this is so clear thank you for making this:)


excellent, the whole of C3 on one page!

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