Chemistry: 2b

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  • Chemistry: 2b
    • Rates of reaction
      • amount of reactant used / time
        • amount of product formed / time
      • affected by temp, concentration, surface area, presence of a catalyst
    • Collision theory
      • particles must collide with enough energy to react
      • increased temp- increases kinetic energy. so, more successful collisions
      • larger surface area- larger area for particles to react
    • Endothermic reactions
      • takes energy from surroundings
      • for example: thermal decomposition, sports injury packs
      • if a reversible reaction is exothermic one way, it is endothermic the other
        • Exothermic reactions
          • transfer energy to the surroundings
            • shown buy increase in temp
          • for example: oxidation, combustion and neutralisation


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