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    • atomic theory.
      • what is an atom?
        • atoms are very very small.
        • ALL matter in the universe is made from atoms.
        • elements are made from atoms of the same type.
      • Can atoms be broken?
        • not enough energy in a chemical reaction to break atoms
        • CAN be broken in HIGH energy impact.
      • what is an ion?
        • an ion is basically an atom thats has an overall charge of either positive or negative.
      • for information on atomic structure see bbc bitesize > science > AQA > fundamental ideas > atomic structure > activity
    • Compounds.
      • what are things made of?
        • matter is defined as anything that up space and has a mass.
      • what is a compound?
        • a compound contains two or more atoms joined together.
    • Chemical Formulae.
      • working out chemical formulae.
        • Work out: Na+ Cl-  (write out the ions, positive ions first) Change the charge into numbers. Swap and drop the numbers. Tidy up. Should Get NaCl
      • Try: 1) K+ Cl-   2) Li+ O2-        3) Al3+ Br-
        • answers: 1) KCl                  2) Li2O             3) AlBr3
      • How do you balance an equation?
        • =If you cant balance an equation use this site, it helps loads




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