Edexcel GCSE addition Chemistry. Experiments

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Making insoluble salts- Precipitation reactions

1.       To make a pure dry sample of an insoluble salt, you can use a precipitation reaction.

E.G. to make lead chloride mix lead nitrate and sodium chloride (which are both soluble).

1. Add a spatula of lead nitrate to a test tube and fill it with distilled water, shake it thoroughly to ensure that all of the lead nitrate has dissolved. Do the same with 1 spatula of sodium chloride. Tip the 2 solutions into a small beaker and stir it to make sure its mixed together, the lead chloride should precipitate out.

2. Put a folded piece of filtered paper into filter funnel and stick the funnel into a conical flask. Pour the mixture into the middle of the filter paper. Swill out the beaker with more distilled water; tip


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