Chemistry Topic 1

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  • Chemistry Paper 1
    • Atomic Structure
      • Elements are arranged in order of their atomic number in the periodic table.
      • Atomic number (proton number) of an element is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom
        • Nucleus of an atom is made from protons and neutrons giving them a positive charge overall.
    • Chemical Equations
      • Symbol equations should always be balanced
      • The mass of the reactants are equal to the mass of the products
      • Atoms get re-arranged o chemical equations
    • Forming Bonds
      • The formula of a molecule shows the number of atoms in the molecule 
      • Compounds of non-metals have covalent bonds 
      • Compounds of metals bonded to non-metals have ionic bonds 
      • The formula of an ionic compound shows the simplest ratio of ions 


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